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(506) 453-9930info@frswc.ca M-F: 7:30am-5:30pm Sat: 7:30am-3:00pm
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New Cell Construction

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Our Landfill Gas Utilization Plant

Removes up to 60,000 tonnes of
greenhouse gases

Creates enough energy to power 2,000 homes

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make chemical free fertilizer -

Reduce your garbage by one third

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Find out what your Blue Box
recycling does for you
and your planet

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new cell construction

The best way to
protect groundwater


  Welcome to Fredericton Region Solid Waste

A Division of Regional Service Commission 11

Open Monday to Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm & Saturday: 7:30am-3:00pm

Recycle Hotline – 453-9938


If you’re looking for hours of operations, rates, or to find out more about the services we offer, this is the section for you.

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Need more information about landfill and recycling processes? Our education section is here to help.

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Got a question? Here we have conveniently listed the most frequently asked questions about our landfill and recycling.

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Landfill Gas Management System

Opportunity can present itself in many forms.

Reducing CO2

Approximately 45,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent are eliminated from the atmosphere through the LGMS process each year.

2.1 Megawatts

When running at capacity, the system is capable of producing enough energy to power roughly 2,000 homes.

Reducing odour

FRSW set about researching ways to not only reduce the odour coming from the landfill, but eliminate harmful greenhouses gases from the atmosphere.

Don’t trash our future: Recycle.

Video on the basics of recycling and a brief overview of our facility.

Landfill. It’s about more than just burying waste.