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Kid's Quick Tour

Scale House Situated at the entrance to the site the scalehouse serves as the control point for all vehicles arriving at the site.
Garbage Baling Facility Waste disposal at the landfill is enhanced by compacting the incoming waste into bales inside a large baler building.
Recycling Facility The Recycling Facility (commonly referred to as a MRF - Materials Recovery Facility) employs 22 people.
Household Hazardous Waste Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) needs to handled and treated in much different way than recyclables and garbage.
Construction and Demolition Pile Construction and Demolition Waste (C & D) arriving at the site is directed to a designated disposal area.
Wood Waste As part of the Commission's waste diversion program, wood waste delivered to the site is stored in a designated area.
Scrap Metal As part of the Commission's waste diversion program white goods and scrap metal delivered to the site are stockpiled for recycling.
Tire Pile All tires sold in the province are subject to a $4.50 (depending on size) surcharge, which covers the cost of recycling the tire.
LGUP The LGUP is capable of producing 2.1 Megawatts of energy, which is enough to power about 2,000 homes.
Leachate Pond Leachate is the liquid waste formed when rain and snow melt drain through the waste deposits of landfills.

If you would like a representative from FRSW to make a presentation in your classroom, to your community group or to arrange a tour of the facility, please contact Brad Janes, manager of education and public relations at 444-0967 or brad@frswc.ca.

Printable Games

The following are downloadable educational tools and games regarding recycling for students. Please feel free to use them as you see fit.

Word Find
Match Up
Fill in the Blank
Word Scramble
Create a Story

Other Fun Stuff