Recycle Blue, Grey Date Calendars Sent Via Canada Post

Fredericton Region Solid Waste has mailed some 25,000 calendars through Canada Post to City of Fredericton and Village of New Maryland residents for their blue and grey box recycling collection days.
Residents in Fredericton and New Maryland participate in weekly blue and grey recycle box collection. One week is blue week for contents that include plastics number 1 through 7, milk cartons, metal food cans and No. 4 plastic bags. Grey box week is for newspaper, cardboard, flyers and paper products.
Residents in FRSW’s region-wide program have their blue and grey boxes collected once a month.
Still, some residents involved in the monthly collection will receive the FRSW colour-coded recycle calendar due to Canada Post territorial mail out. FRSW asks those residents to keep the calendar for recycling tips and Hotline Number contact information on the back. There is also Household Hazardous Waste information on the calendar.
If there are any questions, please call FRSW’s Recycle Hotline at 453-9938 or email

If you do not receive a calendar in the mail, please visit and you can print your own copy to have handy.

Or for residents of City of Fredericton or Village of New Maryland, there are plenty of options to pick up a copy. You can find the calendars at Village of New Maryland office, 584 New Maryland Highway; Woodstock Road Esso (1715 Woodstock Rd); Service New Brunswick at 432 Queen St.; City Hall in Fredericton at 397 Queen St., or Peter’s Meat Market at 230 Main St.