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FRSW Resumes Recycle Sorting; Reminds Public That Change Can Occur at Any Time

Fredericton Region Solid Waste will resume its recycling sorting at its Material Recover Facility at 1775 Alison Blvd., on May 25.
With that news, also comes caution and a note to FRSW’s residential customers in the event of future COVID-19 related operating issues, things may change once again.
Following the numerous changes involved with the global pandemic, FRSW has advised residents to continue putting residential blue and grey recycle boxes curbside during your regular collection day to maintain consistent habits. The items were being landfilled, but FRSW general manager Brett McCrea said the fluid changes associated with COVID-19 could mean change can occur at any time even though sorting options will begin to flow once again.
‘We have stressed the importance of continuing to follow your designated recycle box collection days to avoid unmanageable volumes of material,’ said McCrea. ‘That includes the trucks collecting the items curbside and what arrives at our Materials Recovery Facility on a daily basis. We operate our facility at a maximum capacity level each day. To overload the collection trucks and our facility, could mean items will be landfilled to remain operational. We do not have unlimited space capacity at our facility.’
Many have followed FRSW’s request to continue placing recycle boxes out on their designated days, but some residents have opted to store items.
‘FRSW has been transparent since our operations changed back in March when it comes to landfilling product from our blue and grey box program,’ McCrea said. ‘Our staff has been trained under new guidelines and our facility has changed dramatically with new PPE requirements. It’s imperative to understand the entire system has been altered. From employee screening and modifications to our facility, we are not operating like we have since 2001. We appreciate the public understanding all the necessary changes and continuing to place their blue and grey boxes curbside even in the event we have to suspend operations once again.’
McCrea said FRSW staff is prepared to meet the new challenges, but stressed the importance of continuing to follow regular recycling habits.
‘We are excited to resume sorting again from curbside and depot collections,’ he said. ‘We simply want the public to understand this is a fluid situation and change can occur overnight. Like almost all landfills, we anticipate these changes and potential interruptions will remain in in place for some time. Safety related requirements and changes to our operations have reduced our throughout capacity. We will always adhere to safety first in all of our operations.’
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