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FRSW’s Recycle@Work Program Announces Important Changes

One of Fredericton Region Solid Waste’s most popular programs is continuing, but there are changes to its Recycle@Work program.
Recycle@Work is an office and school program designed to collect paper and some pieces of cardboard from those environments.
The no charge service sees FRSW dollies placed in office areas and emptied on an as-needed, call in basis.
The Recycle@Work program has resumed, but it is important to note there are a number of changes which could affect client participation.
Moving forward, the blue bins are to be placed in an easily accessible location for collection outside off the office, school, site area. FRSW is asking clients to sanitize the bin handles.
FRSW employees will not enter buildings to collect the items, meaning necessary arrangements will have to be made by office staff to ensure emptying and exchange of bins.
For further information on the changes, please contact Christine Murphy at