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FRSW Sends Second Mailout For Proposed Elevation

Fredericton Region Solid Waste will send a second round of mailouts to specific surrounding areas to provide further information on its environmental impact assessment regulation under the Clean Environment Act.

Some 2,000 residents will receive the mailout.

FRSW, a part of Regional Service Commission 11, has registered an undertaking with the Department of the Environment and Local Government (NBDELG) in accordance with Section 5(1) and Schedule “A” of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation: Fredericton Landfill Maximum Height Increase Project. The project is located at the current FRSW site at l at 1775 Alison Blvd.

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to increase the maximum height of the municipal solid waste containment cells from the currently approved height of 59.0 metres to 88.0 metres. The height increase will only be in select areas in order to maintain a 4:1 slope of the covered landfill.

Project benefits include:

The Fredericton Region Solid Waste Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document and other project information, including full list of potential impacts and proposed mitigation measures, and a video recording of a virtual public meeting held January 26, 2021 can be accessed at the following web page

For further information, contact Marco Sivitilli, P.Eng (GEMTEC)

Full EIA registration document is available at: