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Collection Day Dates for Rural Pickup

Fredericton Region Solid Waste is home to the Region Service Commission 11 landfill operation.

All garbage and curbside recycling collection arrives at the landfill, destined for debris or the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF is where all contents from the recycling blue and grey boxes is delivered before being sorted, baled and sold to domestic and foreign markets.

FRSW does not collect your curbside garbage or recycled materials, but is the end destination.

There are contractors such as FERO, GFL, Alternate Waste and several independent haulers that collect garbage and recycled material across the region FRSW serves, some 125-square kilometres.

The City of Fredericton and Village of New Maryland operate with once a week garbage and recycle collection. The recycled material alternates between blue and grey boxes. Village of Hanwell has bi-weekly collection while the remainder of the region is on a once-a-month rural collection date.

The following are the collection days in your area from FERO:

Nackawic: First Tuesday of the month

Millville: First Wednesday of the month

Stanley: Fourth Monday of the month

Minto: Third Tuesday of the month

Chipman: Third Tuesday of the month

Lincoln: Second Friday of the month

Gagetown: Second Tuesday of the month

Fredericton Junction: Second Tuesday of the month

Kingsclear: First Monday of the month

If you are unsure of your region collection date, please contact FERO at 472-3376 or your local contractor. You can also contact your Local Service District at 453-2838 for specific questions and answers if your region has an independent hauler.

For further information on recycling, contact FRSW at